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Holmesglen Institue
Holmesglen Institue
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Welcome to Holmesglen Institute Graduation Rings and Bears

Graduation bears a special gift to celebrate graduation.

Why should it end at your graduation?


The integrity of your school, and the graduates' academic history and achievement can now be captured on this unique symbol of academic pride. Each ring is individually cast in the finest detail to produce a creation of true heirloom quality.



Your Holmesglen Institute of TAFE ring (examples below) has the ability to be fully personalised, YOUR INITIALS/NAME, YEAR, INSTITUTE NAME, BIRTH STONE , plus EDUCATION panel and SPECIAL INTEREST/CURRICULUM panel on the sides. These options ensure that your ring is UNIQUE to your achievement.

Example of features on the Holmesglen ring (Male or Female)

Side 1:
  • Your Qualification initials/your initials
  • Your qualification cast in the form of a "Pictograph" panel
Side 2:
  • Your year of graduation
  • Generic Education panel
  • Name of School
  • Your choice of 12 birthstones or black onyx stone
  • (inside engraving of graduate's name)

METALS AVAILABLE: Choice of 10k gold or siladium (a silver colour hard wearing jeweller's compound which resists the fading of images.) 14k and 18k gold are available on request.

HOLMESGLEN INSTITUTE has made available to its graduates and alumni, the very best in rings. Graduates/alumni have the opportunity to choose from 2 STYLES of ring. Each ring is individually designed and cast in relief to suit every taste.

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